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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
advance-wars bb2fa26   8 years devnull Add a menu for in-game actions.
galactic-heroes 7d9c033   5 years dmitry.portnoy Initial commit, code decompiled from a jar
galcon-client 999095f   13 years devnull Merge with 126e8f3b156a7a79bd0040bc37ea085d36e2e5ce
galcon-common 9790734   13 years devnull Added .classpath
galcon-server 418ace2   13 years devnull Some more stuff in server
java-rpg-client 92d1b2a   16 years dmp1488 [svn r27]
java-rpg-common de19622   13 years dmp1488 Removed some VERY old commented VB code and allowed the structInfo …
java-rpg-portal ecf0d63   15 years dmp1488 [svn r253]
java-rpg-server 52f778b   13 years dmp1488 Added necessary text files, better error logging, and allowed the …
last-defense ca2a854   4 years dmitry.portnoy Create a makefile that creates a jar
lost-haven 8e945fc   13 months dportnoy Remove the Eclipse .project file
lost-perception e5d2936   12 months dportnoy Fix the makefile for the LostPerception target
network-game 7f9b01c   4 years dmitry.portnoy Update the readme
opengl-game 6d698e5   12 months dportnoy Upgrade to Visual Studio 2022
python-game 185faa0   6 years dmitry.portnoy Create a workaround for the osx fullscreen bug
winedb 9b6a069   12 years devnull Initial commit
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